29 de August de 2023

How to plan your Instagram feed | Definitive method 2023!

In 2023, Instagram is not just a social network, but a vital tool for brands, influencers and creators. Therefore, planning the Instagram feed with its images and narratives has become a crucial letter of introduction in the digital world. Through this window, users can convey stories, connect emotionally with their audience, and build a visual legacy. It is essential to approach planning this tool with strategy and creativity to stand out and offer authentic value to followers.

Understand the aesthetics of your audience

Knowing and understanding your audience is the fundamental pillar when planning your Instagram feed or any strategy. It is not only important to post regularly, but to do so with purpose. Using analytics tools like Instagram Insights, you can delve deeper into your followers’ interests and behaviors. Ask yourself: What are they looking for? What are your preferences? What time are they most active? Genuine interaction and constant study will allow you to fine-tune your content and maximize impact.

Planning tools are your allies

When planning your Instagram feed, it’s vital to turn to organizational tools. In the vast digital universe, organization and planning are essential. Tools like Later and Metricool have become essential for those looking to have a coherent and attractive feed. They not only offer you the possibility of scheduling your posts, but also of viewing your feed in advance. This way you can guarantee visual and thematic harmony, anticipating your audience’s reaction and adjusting details. These tools are more than just a calendar: they are your compass in the content jungle.

planificar feed instagram

Consistency in aesthetics

An engaging feed goes beyond individual posts; requires global visual coherence. Colors, filters, photographic styles and themes must be aligned to convey a clear message. This consistency not only makes your profile more pleasing to the eye, but makes it easier to immediately identify your brand or person. In a world where thousands of images are published every second, a strong visual identity is your ticket to staying in the memory and hearts of your followers.

Narration through images

Instagram is, at its core, a visual storytelling platform. Each image, each video, each text, must be a piece of a larger puzzle that tells a coherent and immersive story. It is not just about publishing what is aesthetically pleasing, but about transmitting values, emotions and visions. You can use series of posts to tell longer stories, combine images and text, or intersperse different types of content to keep your audience engaged. The key is to make sure each post feels like a natural continuation of the previous one and a preview of the next.

planificar feed instagram

Adaptability to changes

The Instagram platform is constantly evolving. Features change, trends come and go, and the algorithm adjusts regularly. It is vital that, as a creator or brand, you keep a pulse on these changes and are willing to adapt. Consistency in your aesthetic and narrative is important, but so is flexibility. Attend workshops, follow experts, try new features and, above all, listen to your audience. Adaptability does not mean losing your essence, but evolving with the environment to maintain your relevance and connection with your followers.


Planning and curating an Instagram feed in 2023 is a challenge and an opportunity. It is a window to show the world who you are or what your brand represents. With content oversaturation, standing out requires more than just eye-catching images: you need strategy, consistency, and authenticity. Through a deep understanding of your audience, the use of the right tools, a consistent aesthetic and narrative, and the ability to adapt, you can turn your feed into a unique and valuable space. Success on Instagram is not measured only in likes and followers, but in the ability to generate genuine and lasting connections.

Frequent questions

The ideal frequency depends on the type of content you offer and your audience. However, a good practice is to maintain a constant pace, such as 3 times a week. The most important thing is to make sure each post has a purpose and offers value to your followers. Quality will always prevail over quantity.

Later and Metricool are popular for their friendly interfaces and functionalities. But beyond the specific tool, look for one that allows you to view your feed in advance, provide engagement analysis and schedule posts in various formats (images, videos, Reels).

Not every trend will be right for your brand or purpose. It is essential to evaluate whether the trend aligns with your message and if it will be relevant to your audience. If you decide to adopt a trend, do it in a way that is authentic and contributes to your overall narrative.

Interact regularly with your followers, respond to their comments, ask questions, and offer content that solves their needs or entertains them. Interactive content such as surveys, questionnaires or challenges are also excellent ways to increase participation.

Interact regularly with your followers, respond to their comments, ask questions, and offer content that solves their needs or entertains them. Interactive content such as surveys, questionnaires or challenges are also excellent ways to increase participation.

The indicators go beyond likes and followers. Also consider the quality of interaction, the time users spend viewing your posts, and the direct feedback you receive. Analytical tools built into Instagram or externally can offer you valuable insights into the performance of your content.